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One of my favorite interviews.

This interview was from last year with Randy Blue, but I thought it was a good one. Check it out. Maybe you will learn a little bit more about me. 🙂

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First Scene is out for MenAtPlay!!! (solo scene)

My very first scene has just come out for MenAtPlay! I’m very excited, and I’m surprised its out already since I was only just there filming a couple weeks ago! Talk about a quick turn around.

It’s a solo scene. I’ve been really excited for this scene since I think it was such great set/concept, plus I loved wearing the suit! Felt like a powerful rancher wearing the suit laying around on the saddle and cowhides. It was HOT. I don’t get many instances where I get to dress up in great well fitting suits like that, so it was definitely a hot experience since I have that attraction to the suit fetish myself. 🙂 You cant help but feel sexy when your in clothes like that.

Link to scene:

Below are some pics that go with the solo I shot. I think they look amazing, most definitely the best pictures of me out there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please go check out my scene at Let me know what you think, and I really hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it. 🙂

Thanks so much for everyones support.


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London and MenAtPlay





















I just want to start with a little side story that leads into why I was so excited for this trip:

When I first came out about 5/6 years ago I discovered MenAtPlay. I thought and still do think it’s some of the hottest porn. I would jerk off to their videos all the time. Then about a year after I came out I started working in porn. I never thought I would be given the opportunity to film for the company I always fantasied about so much, but it finally happened!

I just finished up an amazing, and fun trip to London where I went to film for MenAtPlay. I had such a great time with all of the guys that worked there. They really helped make it such a positive experience for me.  I was very nervous going to film, hoping to leave a good impression, but it didn’t take long till I felt very comfortable at the studio.

I filmed a total of four scenes while I was there. I am really looking forward to the solo I shot. They did some great things. I think it will come out looking amazing!

Aside from working, I did go around the city a little. Spent some time in Soho and drank some… OK a lot LOL. Hopefully there are no embarrassing photos of me floating around after the weekend. Went to the Zoo over the weekend, was a nice little zoo. A bit cold, so some of the animals weren’t out. I still had a good time despite the weather.

I want to give a Special thanks to the owners of MenAtPlay: Andy and Adrian, and all of the crew: Paul (Hilarious and amazing guy), Joel, Nacho, and of course Bruno Knight. Thanks for making it such a great trip and hope to see you all again soon.

Below are a couple of links to the MenAtPlay tumbler for some shots from the shoots.

Enjoy, and I will definitely post when my scenes start to come out.

More MenAtPlay

MenAtPay Shoot

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Bath Tub Picture

Here is a picture that my friend John Fallon took. Have a few, more will post them as well soon.

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Randy Blue Scenes

Hey Everyone!

Recently I have filmed a few scenes with Randy Blue. It’s been great experience and hopefully more to come. I just wanted to post a few G-Rated photos from the two scenes that I have out, a solo and a hard-core scene with Reese Rideout.

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Randy Blue Montage

My friend here in LA was working on the music of this video put together by the guys at Randy Blue. Im not in the video. 😦 lol but I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. I enjoyed it.


Check it out:

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