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The non typical porn actor. Sharing my work and my life with people who wanna know!

Sign up for new site now!

Hey everyone. Check out my new site! Special Promo code only from me (paul341) and get 3 months for the price of 1!

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One of my favorite interviews.

This interview was from last year with Randy Blue, but I thought it was a good one. Check it out. Maybe you will learn a little bit more about me. :)

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First Scene is out for MenAtPlay!!! (solo scene)

My very first scene has just come out for MenAtPlay! I’m very excited, and I’m surprised its out already since I was only just there filming a couple weeks ago! Talk about a quick turn around. It’s a solo scene. … Continue reading

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London and MenAtPlay

                                        I just want to start with a little side story that leads into why I was so excited for this … Continue reading

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Bath Tub Picture

Here is a picture that my friend John Fallon took. Have a few, more will post them as well soon.

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Randy Blue Scenes

Hey Everyone! Recently I have filmed a few scenes with Randy Blue. It’s been great experience and hopefully more to come. I just wanted to post a few G-Rated photos from the two scenes that I have out, a solo … Continue reading

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Randy Blue Montage

My friend here in LA was working on the music of this video put together by the guys at Randy Blue. Im not in the video. :( lol but I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. I enjoyed it. … Continue reading

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Part of my training routine!

So I recently moved to LA and had to get a new trainer. I actually really like this guy (another straight guy unfortunately). He has put in some real aggressive new stuff into my workouts! kicks my ass! Here is … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s been a while since I put up a post and I apologize. I have been busy with a bunch of things going on, moving, and stuff like that. I just finished filming a couple weeks ago and I’m … Continue reading

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Personal Training!

Getting FIT! So I have never really been very happy about my body and felt like I got in to a plateau of working out; doing the same exercises’ fro the same muscle groups every time I worked out. I … Continue reading

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